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Dragon’s Maze Set Reviews

April 27, 2013 2 comments


It has been another long gap since my last post. So, here is another attempt at starting to blog on a more regular basis.

In this particular post I am going to try to collect together links to all the various set reviews that are turning up on the web for the Dragon’s Maze expansion set. This post will be updated with appropriate links as the various regular review sources post set reviews. So, here goes:

Conley Woods Reviews at

Evan Erwin and Brad Nelson at The Magic Show

Thought Scour’s Set Review for Dragon’s Maze

Channel Fireball Set Review for Dragon’s Maze

Limited Resources Set Review for Dragon’s Maze at MTGCast

I will be expanding the links listed above as other reviews become available on various sites/blogs/channels/podcasts


The Wisdom or Madness of Crowds #2 – New Phyrexia

Here is episode #2 in the series, The Wisdom or Madness of Crowds. Continuing with the ‘community rating’ analysis of the New Phyrexia set and also looking at adoptions into archetypes and formats of the set.

TCG Player – Hot 100 Standard

If you have not checked it out already, it’s worth checking out TCG Players Hot 100. It’s updated every week and is calculated from Tournament data for that ‘week’ (runs Thursday – Wednesday)

Here is the one for Standard –

They also track Extended –

And one for Draft Picks (I’m not sure where the data comes from for this one) –