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Magic The Gathering – 2014 Core Set Event Deck – Rush of the Wild

September 29, 2013 Leave a comment


Here is my YouTube unboxing for the 2014 Core Set Event Deck – Rush of the Wild


Magic 2012 Event Decks

WOTC continue with another pair of Event Decks, now the M12 Core Set has been released. It is good to see they are keeping up with this idea of tournament ready decks. The two decks are, Illusionary Might and Vampire Onslaught. Check out the full information with playing strategies and deck lists here:

One thing to note, is that the Vampire Onslaught deck will have fairly short shelf-life in it’s unaltered form, as a large amount of cards will rotate out when Zendikar block and M11 rotate out in September. But, if Innistrad is going to be vampire heavy then this could create some interesting deck building variations.

The Wisdom or Madness of Crowds #4 – New Phyrexia

Here is episode #4, and the final, in the series, The Wisdom or Madness of Crowds. Continuing with the ‘community rating’ analysis of the New Phyrexia set and also looking at adoptions into archetypes and formats of the set. I also talk about some of the new WOTC product debuting this month.

New Phyrexia – Event Deck Lists


WOTC have released the Deck Lists for the two New Phyrexia Event Decks, War Of Attrition (White and has 2x Stoneforge Mystics) and Rot From Within (Green). They will be available for sale in English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese on June 10, 2011 for $24.99 and contain the usual 60 card main deck with a 15 card sideboard.

Check then out here –

I have also created a multi-search on Channel Fireball for the War Of Attrition deck so you can get some idea of component prices – Click Here

Here is the same for Rot From Within – Click Here

New Phyrexia – Event Decks


In keeping with the previous set, WOTC plan to release to Event decks on June 10th.

They will be a mono white, War Of Attrition, and a mono green, Rot From Within. As before, the decks feature a 60 card main deck and a 15 card sideboard. MSRP will be $24.99

Magic The Gathering – Event Deck – Into The Breach – Unboxing & Analysis

Here is an unboxing and analysis of the Into The Breach Event Deck, filmed at the weekend

Mirrodin Besieged Event Decks: Deck Lists

February 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Wizards have published the decks lists for the two Event Decks that they will be releasing on February 25. This will be in time for players to pick up one for Mirrodin Besieged Game Day, which is March 5-6.

However, be careful if you are planning on using one with a view to win an ‘Action’ card. The complete decks (including sideboards) are not fully affiliated with one side or the other. “Into the Breach” main deck is Mirran, but has two sideboard copies of Into the Core. While "Infect & Defile" has two Go for the Throats in its sideboard. So, you will need to swap those out for the appropriately watermarked or unaffiliated cards. Or, you could play without the sideboard.

Here are the two decks

Into The Breach

Main Deck

1  Contested War Zone
21  Mountain
2  Goblin Bushwhacker
2  Goblin Guide
4  Goblin Wardriver
1  Iron Myr
4  Kuldotha Rebirth
4  Memnite
4  Ornithopter
4  Signal Pest
1  Spikeshot Elder
2  Darksteel Axe
2  Devastating Summons
2  Galvanic Blast
4  Lightning Bolt
2  Panic Spellbomb
12 other spells


2  Act of Treason
4  Goblin Ruinblaster
2  Into the Core
1  Leyline of Punishment
4  Searing Blaze
2  Unstable Footing

Infect & Defile

Main Deck

2  Drowned Catacomb
10  Island
4  Jwar Isle Refuge
7  Swamp
4  Corpse Cur
1  Hand of the Praetors
4  Necropede
2  Phyrexian Vatmother
4  Plague Myr
2  Consuming Vapors
2  Contagion Clasp
4  Corrupted Conscience
2  Deprive
1  Doom Blade
4  Foresee
2  Mana Leak
3  Preordain
2  Smother
22 other spells


3  Deathmark
1  Doom Blade
3  Flashfreeze
2  Go for the Throat
4  Negate
2  Smother

MSRP $24.99 per deck.