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What’s In The Booster Walmart?–Part II

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Following on from yesterdays post, here is the card listing for the 30 ‘bonus’ random cards that were included in the repack with the Conflux 6-Card Booster:

  • Jedit’s Dragoons (C) – Time Spiral
  • Chameleon Blur (C) – Time Spiral
  • Snapback (C) – Time Spiral
  • Mending Hands (C) – Ninth Edition
  • Fear (C) – Ninth Edition
  • Wind Drake (C) – Ninth Edition
  • Wirewood Savage (C) – Onslaught
  • Rune of Protection: Red (C) – Urza’s Saga
  • Rakdos Guildmage (U) – Dissension
  • Tundra Wolves (C) – Eighth Edition
  • Horned Troll (C) – Eighth Edition
  • Enigma Eidolon (C) – Dissension
  • Feral Instinct (C) – Visions
  • Dwarven Soldier (C) – Fallen Empires
  • Pyromatics (C) – Guildpact
  • Shade of Trokair (C) – Planar Chaos
  • Lashknife (C) – Nemesis
  • Irrigation Ditch (C) – Invasion
  • Defiant Vanguard (U) – Nemesis
  • Shambling Strider (C) – Ice Age
  • Rushing River (C) – Planeshift
  • Nameless One (U) – Onslaught
  • Cackling Fiend (C) – Uzra’s Saga
  • Dauthi Jackal (C) – Exodus
  • Elven Riders (U) – Onslaught
  • Embermage Goblin (U) – Onslaught
  • Flowstone Wall (C) – Nemesis
  • Gorilla Pack (C) – Ice Age
  • Flash Conscription (U) – Ravnica: City Of Guilds
  • Reroute (U) – Ravnica: City Of Guilds

What’s In The Booster Walmart?–Part I

February 19, 2011 4 comments

I was out today getting some work shoes, so while I was seeing what Walmart had to offer in that department, I was also doing my normal MTG product check. I noticed that they had a couple of things that I had not seen them stock before (although I had heard tales of such things). First up was some Mirrodin Besieged 6-card Booster Packs.

So let’s see what I got in the one I picked up, purely in the interests of science, of course:

    The second thing that caught my eye, were some Magic: The Gathering repacks. They were different than other repacks that I have seen before, in that these had Magic: The Gathering branding on the packaging and WOTC/Hasbro contact details on the back. The pack itself contains a 6-Card Booster Pack and 30 ‘bonus cards’. The one that I chose contained a Conflux booster, but they had others from the Zendikar block and 2011 core set. So, let’s see what’s in this pack.
    In the 6-Card Booster:

The 30 ‘bonus’ cards were random commons (23) and uncommons (7) from Ice Age through to Ninth. I will list the 30 ‘bonus’ cards in a later post.

Magic The Gathering – Annapolis Valley

Many thanks to Jim, for making this post possible. He very kindly sent me details of Magic: The Gathering stockists in Annapolis Valley. Here is a summary below

Valley Gametronics  – New Minas.
8926 Commercial St,
New Minas NS,
B4N 3C9
Good for: Singles, Old cards, commons and commons from 2000 upwards, standard rares and boosters, some older rares and boosters, booster boxes, fat packs, limited run, old promos, fair prices.
Events: FNM, Drafting on Saturday, some Planechase and Archenemy.

Triple C Sports Cards – Greenwood
Good for: Boosters (last few sets), grab bags, deals on old product like booster boxes e.g. $80 a box 

Books Galore – Coldbrook
Coldbrook Centre,
Kentville NS,
B4R 1B8
Good for: Boosters, fat packs, theme decks, intro decks, variety of stuff from time spiral up, some old stuff, fair prices. 

Blue Griffin Books – Middleton
30 Commercial Street,
Middleton NS,
B0S 1P0
Good for: Ordering Magic product at reasonable prices.

Muddy’s Conveience store – Wolfville
Good for: Last couple of sets in booster and intro pack form.

Needs convenience store – Greenwood
Good for: Boosters (lasts few sets).

Zellers – New Minas and Greenwood
Good for: New/current product, Greenwood has loads of fatpacks from Zendikar upwards.

Walmart – New Minas
Good for: New/current product, Archenemy.

So, that’s the run down. Cheers Jim.


As I think I may have mentioned before, if you can, check out the ‘independents’ first rather than just buy from the major ‘chain stores’, you will pretty much always get a better price on MTG products. For example, booster packs can be picked up for around $5 (or less) at most games/card/book stores that sell magic, go into a chain store and you will often find prices on boosters >$6.

Rise Of The Eldrazi – Walmart

I noticed that I was picking up several Google searches from people looking for Rise Of The Eldrazi at Walmart. So, ever the card hound, I went over to the Walmart at Dartmouth Crossing, while taking my weekly advertising trip, and they do have Rise Of The Eldrazi booster packs and intro packs available.

Although, my advice would always be that, you will tend to get better prices at Wizards Of The Coast dealers. So, if you are able to get to a card, gaming, comic or hobby shop that is a dealer, always go there first. A good example of the vast difference in the ‘at the till’ price (with tax) between stores is illustrated by the current price of a booster pack at say, D & M Sports Cards ($5) and somewhere like Walmart (around $6.50). If you are buying several booster packs this difference can soon mount up.

On a separate note I also checked Zellers in the Mic Mac Mall, and they have the shelves marked up for RotE boosters and intro packs, but no cards. I also checked Toy’s R Us and they only have intro decks from the Worldwake set.

UPDATE: Thanks to Malcolm at D&M for updating me with the location information.

D & M Sports Cards are located at 201 Chain Lake Drive, Unit 16, Bayers Lake, Halifax, NS. It seems that I must have just missed the new store as it’s on the same block as the Dragon Buffet King, directly behind the Mcdonalds.


While I was returning from my trip this morning I swung by the Walmart at Dartmouth Crossing just to see what Magic: The Gathering stuff they had.

Well it was a bit thin on the ground. At the back of the shop, over in the toy section, by the Nintendo DS stuff, they had a number of Shards Of Alara Foil Booster Packs. While up by one of the tills, at the front of the shop, they had a lone 2010 Core Set Booster Pack.

It will be interesting to see how often they re-stock, or whether they will just wait until Rise Of The Eldrazi comes out.

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