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Good Gamery – Magical Dual Land Generator

I stumbled on this interesting online tool for generating Dual Lands on the Good Gamery site. Here is the link.

Here is what I generated.

Jungle Island –


Black Lotus Project

April 24, 2011 1 comment

If you have not checked out the BLP website already, it is definitely worth a look.

It provides various statistics and graphs for MTG card prices and also, in the blog section, lists a number of embeddable codes that can be used to place tickers on sites.

Check out the site here –

The card charts are here –

Their Internationalized price ticker is here –

Magic Websites – My Favourites

Online Find –

I was searching the Internet the other day, looking for some MTG related podcasts that I could download for the drive into work.

The fruits of my searching was the excellent, produced in god olde Blighty. Check out the site and download the podcasts, you will not be disappointed.

The Podcasts are very well produced and contain a good variety of MTG related information and advise.

Magic: The Gathering – Online Resources

I thought I would do a little post which summarizes some of the Magic: The Gathering related websites/pages that I have located, since my time in Nova Scotia.

Magic: The Gathering – Official

Nova Scotia based social sites (playing/meet-up/trading)

Websites for Halifax games/comic stores

Online stores – Canadian

Online stores – US (Note: Check for restrictions on shipping ‘current’ boxed/packaged Magic: The Gathering cards to other ‘territories’)

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