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Mirrodin Besieged – Pack Crack

February 13, 2011 Leave a comment

At the end of the week I popped into Strange Adventures (Halifax) and bought a couple of Intro Decks (Battle Cries & Doom Inevitable) from the most recent set, in order to try out the Battle Cry, Living Weapon and Proliferate. As is the case with the the most recent Intro Decks, both came with a booster pack.

So, I opened one and gave the other to my wife to open. Owing to the ‘pull’ she got in her pack. Hmmm, I think I will get her to open all my boosters in future. Here is what she pulled:

  • Plains
  • Inkmoth Nexus
  • Plague Myr
  • Vedalken Infuser
  • Lumengrid Gargoyle
  • Banishment Decree
  • Rusted Slasher
  • Phyrexian Rager
  • Blightwidow
  • Fuel For The Cause
  • Master’s Call
  • Spire Serpent
  • Tangle Mantis
  • Orge Resister
  • Burn the Impure
  • Rules Tip: Proliferate

Here are my ‘pulls’:

  • Island
  • Psychosis Crawler
  • Gruesome Encore
  • Nested Ghoul
  • Signal Pest
  • Virulent Wound
  • Flensermite
  • Glissa’s Courier
  • Steel Sabotage
  • Phyrexian Digester
  • Koth`s Courier
  • Spin Engine
  • Leonin Skyhunter
  • Kuldotha Ringleader
  • Crush
  • Rules Tip: Living Weapon

Strange Adventures Finds

January 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Just a quick post to give a heads-up for MTG product that is ‘appearing’ at Strange Adventures in Halifax, NS.

I’ve been visiting Strange Adventures on a fairly regular basis since becoming resident in Nova Scotia, and noticed that they did stock a small amount of Magic: The Gathering stuff (Booster Packs, Intro Decks and Fat Packs). However, recently, some interesting things have been turning up there:

1. The Deck Builders Toolkit (I don’t know the ‘age’ of these, so there is no way of telling what boosters are inside as Wizards do update the content of theses as new sets come out but they don’t indicate on the outside what sets they are from.

2. Seventh Edition Starter Pack (I belive this was the last core set product to contain a printed rulebook, it also contains 2 ‘comic style’ play guides, 2 x 30 card decks, 1 foil card, 2 x paper playmats, a CD-ROM, and an interesting booster that has specifically selected cards to augment the 2 decks.

3. Land Station (This was the most unusual find as these are normally brought by TO’s to provide land for sealed deck tournaments now that WPN now don’t give out land for free, and they contain 400 Basic Lands from the most recent core set, not a spectacular product by any means just unusual to find on the shelves of a retail location)

The Dollarama Sealed Deck Format – II

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Following on from the previous post I have opened the 6 re-packs that I bought from Dollarama, here is what was in each:

  • Onyx Talisman (Ice Age – Uncommon)
  • Jolrael’s Centaur (Mirage – Common)
  • Ondu Giant (Rise Of The Eldrazi – Common – Japanese)
  • Fylamarid (Tempest – Uncommon)
  • Krark-Clan Grunt (Mirrodin – Common)
  • Venom (4th Etition – Common)
  • Wall Of Faith (M10 – Common)
  • Kitesail (Worldwake – Common)
  • Macabre Waltz (Dissention – Common)
  • Windstorm (M10 – Common)


  • Deathforge Shaman (Worldwake – Uncoomon)
  • Island (Shards Of Alara – Basic Land)
  • Rackling (Nemesis – Uncommon)
  • Ramosian Sergeant (Mercadian Masques- Common)
  • Seeker (4th Edition – Common)
  • Kindled Fury (M10 – Common – Japanese)
  • Bogardan Rager (Time Spiral – Common)
  • Zektor Shrine Expedition (Zendikar – Common – Japanese)
  • Slay (Planeshift – Uncommon)
  • Jedit’s Dragoons (Time Spiral – Common)


  • Snake Umbra (Rise Of The Eldrazi – Common)
  • Eye Of Nowhere (Champions Of Kamigawa – Common)
  • Territorial Baloth (Zendikar – Common)
  • Pyroclasm (Ninth Edition – Uncommon)
  • Giant Spider (Fifth Edition – Common)
  • Stalwart Shield-Bearers (Rise Of The Eldrazi – Common)
  • Painwracker Oni (Champions Of Kamigawa – Uncommon)
  • Treetop Bracers (Tenth Edition – Common)
  • Searing Spear Askari (Mirage – Common)
  • Nimbus Wings (Zendikar – Common – Japanese)


  • Corrupted Zendikon (Worldwake – Common)
  • Giant Scorpion (Zendikar – Common)
  • Caustic Crawler (Worldwake – Uncommon)
  • Centaur Courser (M10 – Common)
  • Shanodin Dryads (4th Edition – Common)
  • Cheiftain en-Dal (Nemisis – Uncommon)
  • Leaf Arrow (Rise Of The Eldrazi – Common – Japanese)
  • Ballyrush Banneret (Rise Of The Eldrazi – Common)
  • Skyshroud Condor (Tempest – Uncommon)
  • Whalebone Glider (Ice Age – Uncommon)


  • Auger il-Vec (Future sight – Common)
  • Stalking Tiger (Sixth Edition – Common)
  • Toils of Night and Day (Betrayers of Kamigawa – Common)
  • Manaforce Mace (Conflux – Uncommon – Japanese)
  • Vampire’s Bite (Zendikar – Common)
  • Storm Crow (Alliances – Common)
  • Grave Digger (M10 – Common)
  • Red Elemental Blast (Revised – Common)
  • Viserid Deepwalker (Time Spiral – Common)
  • Festering Wound (Uzra’s Destiny – Uncommon)


  • Lumithread Field (Future Sight – Common)
  • Caravan Escort (Rise Of The Eldrazi – Common)
  • Ignite Disorder (M10 – Uncommon – Japanese)
  • Moriok Scavanger (Mirrodin – Common)
  • Kraken Hatchliing (Zendikar – Common)
  • Stream Of Life (Revised – Common)
  • Vendetta (Rise Of The Eldrazi – Common)
  • Blaze (Eighth Edition – Uncommon)
  • Lava Axe (M10 – Common)
  • Nightshade Seer (Urza’s Destiny – Uncommon)

In the next post I will talking about which picks were made to produce the 30-card deck.

Interestingly I went into the same Dollarama store yesterday and they had been completely ‘cleaned out’ of the 10-card re-packs.

The Dollarama Sealed Deck Format – I

December 4, 2010 1 comment

Thanks to a reader of the blog, Catherine, it has been brought to my attention that Dollarama are selling 10 card re-packs of Magic The Gathering. She tells me that, on a trip to Newfoundland, she discovered the local Dollarama stocked packs of Magic cards (the 10-card re-packs variety). 

Armed with this new found knowledge and recently aware that a new Dollarama had opened in Scotia Square (Halifax, NS), I visited said establishment and found that they had quite a number of these re-packs alongside the usual Chaotic, Pokemon and Hockey card re-packs.

I then had a crazy idea, based on a format I had seen played on MTGO/MODO. The format; this was something called 4-pack sealed (or, by some, 30-card sealed) where you use 4 MTG booster packs to build a 30 card deck (I think on MTGO they currently use M11 or SOM for this). The crazy idea; this was to buy the equivalent number of re-packs at Dollarama, enough to give you 60 cards, and from this build a 30 card deck. So, I bought 6 of the 10-card re-packs. All for the princely sum of $6.90 (tax included).

So, over the next few days, I will hopefully get around to building the deck, filming the process, and play-testing against other 30-card decks (we have all five of the most recent MTG 30 card promo decks in the house).  The results of this will then be posted on the blog.

So here’s to the Dollarama Sealed Deck Format!!!

D & M Sports Cards – New Location @ Bayers Lake

I thought I would just post some updated location information to the blog regarding D & M Sports Cards. The store is at:

201 Chain Lake Drive,
Unit 16,
Bayers Lake,
Halifax, NS.

They are on the same ‘block’ as Dragon Buffet King and directly behind the Mcdonalds.

Magic: The Gathering Deck Builder’s Toolkit – Unboxing

May 24, 2010 1 comment

So, on Saturday I got hold of my Deck Builder’s Toolkit from Quantum Frontier

Once I got it home I filmed various stages of the unboxing and I have been editing and uploading to YouTube over the weekend. Check out this link to take you to the playlist to see all the parts of the unboxing.

The card lists, for each pack in the box, are at the end of the Description for each video.

I hope to do some more videos about the economics of starting up Magic: The Gathering and various buying/trading strategies that are open to players/collectors. This is particularly aimed at players with limited resources who would still like to play with some degree of competitiveness.

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Magic: The Gathering – Deck Builders Toolkit

May 20, 2010 2 comments

Really looking forward to checking out the Deck Builders Toolkit when it is released on Friday 21st May 2010.

So far I have heard that Quantum Frontier are stocking it and I will update this post once I find out who else is stocking the Deck Builders Toolkit, as I become aware of them in and around Halifax/Dartmouth and beyond. I am also hoping to do a proper breakdown of the product once I get my hands on one, which I will then post on YouTube. In the meantime here are some videos that have already been posted by Star City Games in relation to the Deck Builders Toolkit.

UPDATE: My new post about unboxing


Deck Building with Evan Erwin

Deck Building with Chris Woltereck

The Magic Show #188 – Deckbuilder’s Toolkit Examined

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