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Inside The Deck – Commander Analysis

Check out another great video from Inside The Deck. This time they are looking at the new Commander sets, highlighting the best cards, and chatting with Jon Medina about the value of certain cards in the 5 decks and possible usage outside the commander format.


Magic The Gathering – Commander Deck – Devour for Power Unboxing

Check out the unboxing that I did for the, Devour for Power, Commander Deck.

WOTC Post Magic The Gathering Commander Full Deck Lists

MTG Commander

After various incomplete lists have been spoiled on various sites, the Magic Arcana section on the main WOTC MTG site has finally released the complete Commander deck list for the five upcoming decks. These are due for release June 17, 2011, MSRP $29.99.

Commander decks

Commander Lists at Gathering Magic

Check out the 5 lists for the Commander decks at

There be… Pirates!

I was pondering various tribal related searches on The Gatherer database, one Subtype that caught my eye was Pirate. Cool. So, here is a Top 5, care of The Gatherer:

Name Cost Type P T Printings
Talas Warrior 1BlueBlue Creature — Human Pirate Warrior 2 2
Rishadan Brigand 4Blue Creature — Human Pirate 3 2
Ramirez DePietro 3BlueBlackBlack Legendary Creature — Human Pirate 4 3
Rishadan Footpad 3Blue Creature — Human Pirate 2 2
Rishadan Cutpurse 2Blue Creature — Human Pirate 1 1

Ah! A pirate commander/edh deck, now there is a thought…

UltraPro Product for Commander


Seems that UltraPro have product that will compliments the Commander stuff, in fact it will be relevant for any multiplayer stuff where you have to cater for oversized cards. They have a trapezoid shaped deck box and oversized deck protectors. Cool. Check out the original WOTC announcement here.

Commander Decks to have Sol Ring

In the words of WOTC, “That’s right. Whichever Commander deck you buy, there will be a Sol Ring in it.”


Check out the announcement here: –