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2012 Core Set Booster Battle Packs–Unboxing

September 13, 2011 4 comments

Seeing as Friday was the release of the 2012 Core Set Booster Battle Packs, I swung by Giant Robot Comics and picked up a couple of these. Here is the unboxing that I did for one of the Packs.

If you find yourself in the Woodlawn area of Dartmouth, NS. Don’t forget to check out Giant Robot Comics.


M12 – 30-card sealed deck using 4 x boosters

Using the 2 boosters I pulled from the 2 Intro Pack unboxings, and another 2 I bought, I decided to build a 30-card sealed deck. This was inspired by the MTGO format that is popular with a lot of people.

Here are the 2 videos I shot, first the pack cracks, then the build.

M12 Intro Pack Unboxing

At the weekend, I shot a couple of Intro Pack unboxings for M12, Mystical Might (Blue/White) and Blood & Fire (Black/Red). Check them out on YouTube.

Fat Pack M12 Core Set 2012 – Unboxing

July 17, 2011 1 comment

The Circle Is Complete 2012 – All M12 Core Set Posted On Minisite

Along with an addition in the Wallpaper section, the whole of the M12 Core set has now been posted on the WOTC MTG site. So, if you want to see what is retained from the previous core set, what are reprints from other sets, and all the totally new stuff, check them out here:

It is interesting to remember, that originally, core sets contained reprints of previous cards. A way of enticing new players. Now the core sets are full of new cards which introduce interesting new cycles to Magic The Gathering and have a much greater impact on the metagame.

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