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Top 8 – Red 1-Drop Flyers

Ok. This list should be interesting. Oh, none you say, not one red 1-drop flyer in Magic.

The bottom line is that red does not have any 1-drop that hit the battlefield with flying. You can activate certain cards once they are in play, to give them flying. But they don’t come into play in their ‘vanilla’ state with flying. There are some red 1-drop creatres which have abilities that give them flying, these are:

  • Goblin Balloon Brigade
  • Roc Hatchling
  • Raka Disciple

While turning our atention to straight red 1-drops there are a number of high quality candidates. making a top 8 for these a breeze:

  • Dragonmaster Outcast
  • Goblin Welder
  • Goblin Lackey
  • Grim Lavamancer
  • Flamekin Harbinger
  • Goblin Guide
  • Stromkirk Noble
  • Kird Ape
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  1. Phil
    February 7, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Stream Hopper is another example of a “Red” 1-drop that can get flying through an activated ability.

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