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Top 8 – Blue 1-Drop Flyers

It’s been a while since I have posted, as I have been working on other Magic related stuff. But, I now hope to integrate everything MTG related together a lot better so I should be posting here a lot more in future.

To start things off I am going to do a post regarding those most elusive of creatures the blue flying weenie. So here is my top 8 list of fave blue 1-drop flyers:

  • Zephyr Sprite – Magic 2010
  • Flying Men – Arabian Nights, Time Spiral “Timeshifted”
  • Shrieking Drake – Visions
  • Mothdust Changeling – Morningtide
  • Skywatcher Adept – Rise of the Eldrazi
  • Spindrift Drake – Stronghold
  • Caller of Gales – Zendikar
  • Cloud Pirates – Portal

Ok, so the list is rather tame. Well not much to work with in this area, it seems that 1-drop flyers in blue are not a really hot commodity. So, lets take a less selective view, perhaps just 1-drop creatures in blue:

  • Hedron Crab – Zendikar
  • Delver of Secrets – Innistrad
  • Vedalken Certarch – Scars of Mirrodin
  • Kraken Hatchling – Zendikar
  • Phantasmal Bear – Magic 2012
  • Cursecatcher – Shadowmoor
  • Cosi’s Trickster – Zendikar
  • Zephyr Sprite – Magic 2010

That’s more like it. Guess it illustrates why having ‘ground troops’ is so important in a mono-blue deck were you are choosing to run more costly blue flyers, if you want something solid to deal with an early threat.

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