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There be… Pirates!

I was pondering various tribal related searches on The Gatherer database, one Subtype that caught my eye was Pirate. Cool. So, here is a Top 5, care of The Gatherer:

Name Cost Type P T Printings
Talas Warrior 1BlueBlue Creature — Human Pirate Warrior 2 2
Rishadan Brigand 4Blue Creature — Human Pirate 3 2
Ramirez DePietro 3BlueBlackBlack Legendary Creature — Human Pirate 4 3
Rishadan Footpad 3Blue Creature — Human Pirate 2 2
Rishadan Cutpurse 2Blue Creature — Human Pirate 1 1

Ah! A pirate commander/edh deck, now there is a thought…

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