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Preconstructed Decks

With the release of New Phyrexia imminent I will be giving a lot of thought to what Precons I will consider buying.

I normally now try to work out the best 2 and just settle at that. Either ‘best’ in terms of playing with new mechanics and keywords or in terms of certain card(s) that might be good in other decks and are more reasonably priced within the Precon.

In searching for this information I stumbled across an interesting series of articles about Precons on Quiet Speculation – Click Here.

On the subject of New Phyrexia Preconstructed Decks here is the link to the deck info on the WOTC main site – Click Here.

  1. May 13, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    I’m a a big fan of the Splicer precon. It’s got some of the better synergy i’ve seen in a precon and it has one of the better rares in this set of precons.

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