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Creatures That Cost Zero Mana

Over the weekend I was pondering a deck list in Baxter’s book, Mastering Magic Cards. The deck in question, The Quagmire, uses Manabarbs to inflict damage when land is tapped and also uses low cost creature spells, some of which generate mana, to avoid doing too much damage to yourself. Obviously, since the book was written, there are now cards which can deflect or even ‘alter’ the damage you get from your own Manabarbs (Tamanoa for example).

However, one area that I explored, while I was thinking about improvements to the deck to lessen the effect of the Manabarbs on your own life total, was creatures that cost 0 to cast.

Here is what you get when you search The Gatherer (note, you need to use a mana cost of zero in the search and not just the CMC of zero to filter out Tokens) – Click Here.


Name Type P T Sets
Crimson Kobolds Creature — Kobold 0 1
Crookshank Kobolds Creature — Kobold 0 1
Kobolds of Kher Keep Creature — Kobold 0 1
Memnite Artifact Creature — Construct 1 1
Ornithopter Artifact Creature — Thopter 0 2
M11, M10, 10E, 9ED, MRD, 6E, 5E, 4E, 3E, AQ
Phyrexian Walker Artifact Creature — Construct 0 3
Shield Sphere Artifact Creature — Wall 0 6

Just for reference, here is the search with just creatures and CMC as the search criteria – Click Here.

Mmm, Dryad Arbour, now there is an interesting card, both a Creature and Land type.

  1. May 12, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    There is a pretty terrible deck in Legacy that uses all the 0 cmc creatures and Glimpse to essentially draw their entire deck and use typically a storm card to kill the opponent. The Kobolds have always been a favorite of mine. I used to have a Kobold deck with overlords and taskmasters and etc.


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