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Grand Prix Dallas – Final Standings

If, like me, you didn’t get to see all the coverage of GP Dallas on GGs Live at the weekend, here is where you can get the final standings:


The Top 8

1 – Shiels, David [USA] – Caw-Blade
2 – Beasley, Orrin A [USA] – RUG Control
3 – Turtenwald, Owen [USA] – RUG Control
4 – Bursavich, Austin [USA] – Caw-Blade
5 – Bertoncini, Alex S [USA] – RUG Control
6 – Utter-Leyton, Josh W [USA] – Caw-Blade
7 – Jacob, Michael A [USA] – RUG Control
8 – McDuffie, Korey [USA] – Caw-Blade


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