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Wizards Announces Innistrad


The name of the the next block and therefore, by convention, the name of the first set of that block has been formally announced by WOTC as, “Innistrad”. Of course, Trademark watchers, would have been already aware of this name being snagged by WOTC.

Evil Lurks Within

Number of Cards

Release Date
September 30, 2011

Prerelease Events
September 24-25, 2011

Launch Parties
September 30-October 3, 2011

Magic Online
Release Date October 17, 2011

Game Day
October 29-30, 2011

Design Team
Mark Rosewater (lead), Richard Garfield, Jenna Helland, Graeme Hopkins, Tom LaPille

Development Team
Erik Lauer (lead), Mark L. Gottlieb, David Humpherys, Tom LaPille, Adam Lee, Kenneth Nagle



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