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Mirrodin Besieged – Pack Crack

At the end of the week I popped into Strange Adventures (Halifax) and bought a couple of Intro Decks (Battle Cries & Doom Inevitable) from the most recent set, in order to try out the Battle Cry, Living Weapon and Proliferate. As is the case with the the most recent Intro Decks, both came with a booster pack.

So, I opened one and gave the other to my wife to open. Owing to the ‘pull’ she got in her pack. Hmmm, I think I will get her to open all my boosters in future. Here is what she pulled:

  • Plains
  • Inkmoth Nexus
  • Plague Myr
  • Vedalken Infuser
  • Lumengrid Gargoyle
  • Banishment Decree
  • Rusted Slasher
  • Phyrexian Rager
  • Blightwidow
  • Fuel For The Cause
  • Master’s Call
  • Spire Serpent
  • Tangle Mantis
  • Orge Resister
  • Burn the Impure
  • Rules Tip: Proliferate

Here are my ‘pulls’:

  • Island
  • Psychosis Crawler
  • Gruesome Encore
  • Nested Ghoul
  • Signal Pest
  • Virulent Wound
  • Flensermite
  • Glissa’s Courier
  • Steel Sabotage
  • Phyrexian Digester
  • Koth`s Courier
  • Spin Engine
  • Leonin Skyhunter
  • Kuldotha Ringleader
  • Crush
  • Rules Tip: Living Weapon
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