Strange Adventures Finds

Just a quick post to give a heads-up for MTG product that is ‘appearing’ at Strange Adventures in Halifax, NS.

I’ve been visiting Strange Adventures on a fairly regular basis since becoming resident in Nova Scotia, and noticed that they did stock a small amount of Magic: The Gathering stuff (Booster Packs, Intro Decks and Fat Packs). However, recently, some interesting things have been turning up there:

1. The Deck Builders Toolkit (I don’t know the ‘age’ of these, so there is no way of telling what boosters are inside as Wizards do update the content of theses as new sets come out but they don’t indicate on the outside what sets they are from.

2. Seventh Edition Starter Pack (I belive this was the last core set product to contain a printed rulebook, it also contains 2 ‘comic style’ play guides, 2 x 30 card decks, 1 foil card, 2 x paper playmats, a CD-ROM, and an interesting booster that has specifically selected cards to augment the 2 decks.

3. Land Station (This was the most unusual find as these are normally brought by TO’s to provide land for sealed deck tournaments now that WPN now don’t give out land for free, and they contain 400 Basic Lands from the most recent core set, not a spectacular product by any means just unusual to find on the shelves of a retail location)

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