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The Dollarama Sealed Deck Format – I

Thanks to a reader of the blog, Catherine, it has been brought to my attention that Dollarama are selling 10 card re-packs of Magic The Gathering. She tells me that, on a trip to Newfoundland, she discovered the local Dollarama stocked packs of Magic cards (the 10-card re-packs variety). 

Armed with this new found knowledge and recently aware that a new Dollarama had opened in Scotia Square (Halifax, NS), I visited said establishment and found that they had quite a number of these re-packs alongside the usual Chaotic, Pokemon and Hockey card re-packs.

I then had a crazy idea, based on a format I had seen played on MTGO/MODO. The format; this was something called 4-pack sealed (or, by some, 30-card sealed) where you use 4 MTG booster packs to build a 30 card deck (I think on MTGO they currently use M11 or SOM for this). The crazy idea; this was to buy the equivalent number of re-packs at Dollarama, enough to give you 60 cards, and from this build a 30 card deck. So, I bought 6 of the 10-card re-packs. All for the princely sum of $6.90 (tax included).

So, over the next few days, I will hopefully get around to building the deck, filming the process, and play-testing against other 30-card decks (we have all five of the most recent MTG 30 card promo decks in the house).  The results of this will then be posted on the blog.

So here’s to the Dollarama Sealed Deck Format!!!


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