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Magic The Gathering – Truro

To celebrate the release of the new Scars Of Mirrodin set I though I would head out of the city to check out what I could find in Truro. I was after one of the new Intro decks from the set, specifically, Phyrexian Poison. I figured it would allow me to check out the Infect ability, in play, while reacquainting myself with poison. I also wanted to pick up the odd booster to bolster my ‘historic’ collection.

It was definitely worth the hour trip from Dartmouth to Truro as there are two MTG dealers in Truro and both stocked current MTG Fat Packs/Boosters/Intro Decks.

Batters Box [Good for deck/card protectors of all types]

Batter’s Box Collectibles, Ltd.
100 Esplanade Truro Ctr,
Nova Scotia 
B2N 2K3


Game Zilla [Good for non-Current/Standard boosters and theme decks]

Game Zilla
6 Havelock St.
Nova Scotia 
B2N 4B7

While you are there remember to check out the Fish and Chip restaurant on the same block as Batters Box. Yummy!

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