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Magic The Gathering – Annapolis Valley

Many thanks to Jim, for making this post possible. He very kindly sent me details of Magic: The Gathering stockists in Annapolis Valley. Here is a summary below

Valley Gametronics  – New Minas.
8926 Commercial St,
New Minas NS,
B4N 3C9
Good for: Singles, Old cards, commons and commons from 2000 upwards, standard rares and boosters, some older rares and boosters, booster boxes, fat packs, limited run, old promos, fair prices.
Events: FNM, Drafting on Saturday, some Planechase and Archenemy.

Triple C Sports Cards – Greenwood
Good for: Boosters (last few sets), grab bags, deals on old product like booster boxes e.g. $80 a box 

Books Galore – Coldbrook
Coldbrook Centre,
Kentville NS,
B4R 1B8
Good for: Boosters, fat packs, theme decks, intro decks, variety of stuff from time spiral up, some old stuff, fair prices. 

Blue Griffin Books – Middleton
30 Commercial Street,
Middleton NS,
B0S 1P0
Good for: Ordering Magic product at reasonable prices.

Muddy’s Conveience store – Wolfville
Good for: Last couple of sets in booster and intro pack form.

Needs convenience store – Greenwood
Good for: Boosters (lasts few sets).

Zellers – New Minas and Greenwood
Good for: New/current product, Greenwood has loads of fatpacks from Zendikar upwards.

Walmart – New Minas
Good for: New/current product, Archenemy.

So, that’s the run down. Cheers Jim.


As I think I may have mentioned before, if you can, check out the ‘independents’ first rather than just buy from the major ‘chain stores’, you will pretty much always get a better price on MTG products. For example, booster packs can be picked up for around $5 (or less) at most games/card/book stores that sell magic, go into a chain store and you will often find prices on boosters >$6.

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