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Rise Of The Eldrazi – Walmart

I noticed that I was picking up several Google searches from people looking for Rise Of The Eldrazi at Walmart. So, ever the card hound, I went over to the Walmart at Dartmouth Crossing, while taking my weekly advertising trip, and they do have Rise Of The Eldrazi booster packs and intro packs available.

Although, my advice would always be that, you will tend to get better prices at Wizards Of The Coast dealers. So, if you are able to get to a card, gaming, comic or hobby shop that is a dealer, always go there first. A good example of the vast difference in the ‘at the till’ price (with tax) between stores is illustrated by the current price of a booster pack at say, D & M Sports Cards ($5) and somewhere like Walmart (around $6.50). If you are buying several booster packs this difference can soon mount up.

On a separate note I also checked Zellers in the Mic Mac Mall, and they have the shelves marked up for RotE boosters and intro packs, but no cards. I also checked Toy’s R Us and they only have intro decks from the Worldwake set.

UPDATE: Thanks to Malcolm at D&M for updating me with the location information.

D & M Sports Cards are located at 201 Chain Lake Drive, Unit 16, Bayers Lake, Halifax, NS. It seems that I must have just missed the new store as it’s on the same block as the Dragon Buffet King, directly behind the Mcdonalds.

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