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Magic The Gathering on Kijiji

I thought I would create some deep-links for Kijiji.ca to enable searches for Magic: The Gathering related classified within Nova Scotia.

I hope this is of use to you all.

Annapolis Valley – http://annapolis.kijiji.ca/f-magic-the-gathering-Classifieds-W0QQKeywordZmagicQ20theQ20gatheringQQisSearchFormZtrue#

Bridgewater – http://bridgewater.kijiji.ca/f-magic-the-gathering-Classifieds-W0QQKeywordZmagicQ20theQ20gatheringQQisSearchFormZtrue

Cape Breton – http://capebreton.kijiji.ca/f-magic-the-gathering-Classifieds-W0QQKeywordZmagicQ20theQ20gatheringQQisSearchFormZtrue

Halifax – http://halifax.kijiji.ca/f-magic-the-gathering-Classifieds-W0QQKeywordZmagicQ20theQ20gatheringQQisSearchFormZtrue

New Glasgow – http://newglasgow.kijiji.ca/f-magic-the-gathering-Classifieds-W0QQKeywordZmagicQ20theQ20gatheringQQisSearchFormZtrue

Truro – http://truro.kijiji.ca/f-magic-the-gathering-Classifieds-W0QQKeywordZmagicQ20theQ20gatheringQQisSearchFormZtrue

Yarmouth – http://yarmouth.kijiji.ca/f-magic-the-gathering-Classifieds-W0QQKeywordZmagicQ20theQ20gatheringQQisSearchFormZtrue

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