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Other Magic: The Gathering Stockists in Dartmouth

I was taking a stroll around Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth, this morning, and thought I would take a look in Toys R Us as they have a separate section for electronic items, DVD’s, electronic games and some trading cards. At first look MtG was pretty thin on the ground just a few booster packs for the Worldwake expansion. So, when a helpful assistant asked me what I was looking for, I pointed to the cards and said, “do you have any other Magic stuff?”. The assistant went behind the counter and uncovered a box from the back of the counter that was obscured by some packaging. “We have these”, she said, and then proceeded to show me all five Intro Packs from Worldwake. Suffice to say I left the store with the decks I was after, along with some deck protectors, which they also stock.

Later on I discovered that the Zellers store, in the same mall, also had a handful of Worldwake booster packs at the front of the cash tills at the back of the store on the ground floor. They were in amongst all the Pokemon stuff along with some deck and card protectors.

The quest continues….

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