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Magic: The Gathering “Hobby Stores” in Halifax & Dartmouth

On checking the MTG Store & Event locator on the website it currently lists 2 “Hobby Stores” close to Halifax/Dartmouth, NS.

  1. Quantum Frontier Games & Comics
    3087 – A Robie St
    Nova Scotia
    B3K 4P7
  2. D & M Sports Cards
    100 Ilsley Ave Unit L
    Nova Scotia
    B3B 1L3

I’ve visited both. Quantum Frontier stocks a number of other items not related to MtG and so it is just a part of their overall stock of games and comics. However, they also have MtG related events, so I would suggest checking thier website. http://www.quantumfrontier.ca/index.html

In some ways D&M Sports Cards is a more interesting stockist, from my point of view as a collector, because they specialise in cards and so carry a lot of additional items for protecting, storing and displaying cards as well as appearing to have some older stock  available (various decks from earlier blocks, when I was in there).

Note: D&M may be moving premises at the end of April.


D & M Sports Cards are now located at

201 Chain Lake Drive,
Unit 16,
Bayers Lake,

It’s on the same block as the Dragon Buffet King, directly behind the Mcdonalds.

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  1. Matthew Delorme
    September 14, 2012 at 12:32 am

    What about Monster Comics??? They carry ALOT more cards then Quantum, there on Gottigen St.

    • November 10, 2012 at 7:50 am

      Yes, you are right Monster Comics have a lot of singles (and other product). I now buy most of my sealed stuff from them. For those who need the location, here is a link to there Facebook page – Click Here.

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