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Magic: The Gathering In Nova Scotia

I’ve been in Nova Scotia a little over 3 months now, after immigrating here from England, and a week or so ago I decided to re-acquaint myself with Magic: The Gathering ®. I had brought over my Tenth Edition cards which I had started collecting when they first came out. I first started my original collection with a core set ‘Fat Pack’ then augmenting it with boosters and also buying 3 theme decks from the core set. I must admit it is pretty easy to get hold of MtG cards in the UK, either through local ‘gaming’ shops, some bookstores, or a whole bunch of online stores (and even amazon.co.uk sell them). The prices seem pretty good as well.

Anyway, for the last 2 years I have pretty much preocupied with sorting out relocating to Canada and so my modest MtG collection got neglected. So, I though I would find out where things were, set wise, and pick-up at the current expansion set.

Initially, I took the easy route. You know, went to the MtG website, looked up all the official dealers and then bought a couple of intro packs at a local dealer. So far, so good.

I then thought I would try to see if I could get hold of my 2 missing theme decks for my tenth edition, so I went online and managed to find a site in the US who still had some at a reasonable price. Result!  They are currently on their way.

Next I figured I would try to see if I could get some online bargains with the current set, maybe complete my ‘Intro Pack’ collection for Worldwake and also track down some other packs that had sold out at the local store. At this point I came across something that I was not aware of – the restrictions that are placed on dealers in respect of selling current sealed decks to other ‘territories’. Basically, I’m in Canada, the website is run by a dealer in the US and, to quote Little Britain, ‘the computer says no’. Well sort of no, it appears that some dealers will sell you ‘current’ sets if they first open the sealed decks for you and then put them into plastic bags, before shipping.

I then thought that I would look for some online sellers that were based in Canada. I did find a couple, but they seemed to be ‘out of stock’ on a lot of stuff I wanted and the shipping rates made it more expensive that sourcing locally. Now I am all for buying stuff local, but sometimes you get a bit bored/impatient, constantly having to phone/visit a shop to find out if they have had a delivery.

So I thought I would see if I could discover who, in addition to the dealers listed on the MtG website, was also stocking MtG cards. At that point I thought, why not blog about what you find. So, here is my blog documenting my hunt for shops that stock MtG stuff in Nova Scotia.

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